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Luxury zipper maker. With over 25 years of producing zippers here in the US, we’ve seen a great deal of fashion trends come and go.  Although trends are fleeting, zippers have always been needed. That is why we are here and remain here in the US to serve those that choose to produce in the domestic market.

Having a full service zipper factory right here in the US helps shorten the typical lead times for production orders. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we have processes in place to ensure that our final products not only meet the order specs, but meets our quality standard. We work with a color card of 600 colors. Can’t find the color you need? Then let’s go right next door to our dye lab where we can concoct almost any color you want. Double rainbow? No problem

UCAN is more than just a manufacturer and supplier, their website offers fantastic tutorials on zippers.


1930 Long Beach Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90058

(310) 428-8138

Contact: Ross