Fashion Design and Technology Summer Camp

Fashion Design and Technology Summer Camp

2019 Fashion Technology & Design Summer Camp (10-14yr)

Fuse creativity with innovation as you explore the exciting world of wearable technology.

In these summer courses you will delve into the four pillars of wearable tech: design, engineering, construction and sustainability – learning conceptual design and how to refine your ideas, you will gain hands-on experience with pattern-drafting and construction, learn how to program with Lilypad Arduinos and Flora microcontrollers and explore the fundamentals of electrical engineering, bio-fabrication and prototyping.

Students learn the actual techniques that are needed to be fashion designers and then use their creativity to solve real world dilemmas, working through iterative design cycles from concept to final prototype. For their capstone project, students create a unique piece of wearable fashion technology that improves the world around us.

Taught by Clare Tattersall, founder of ThunderLily 

July 22-26: at HYPOTHEkids, NYC

Corpus Christi School, 533 W 121st St, New York, NY 10027

Limited space available

Students recommended to bring a Mac Laptop or PC with Windows 8.1 or 10 to class. Laptop needs USB port.

COST: $695

DURATION: 8.30a—5.30p Full week July 22-26

SUPPLIES & FABRIC: All included.

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ADDITIONAL CAMPS please link to sign up:

June 10-14: Nightingale Bamford School, NYC

June 17-21: Nightingale Bamford School, NYC

July 15-19: The Mint, Rutland, Vermont

August 19-23: Technocopia, Massachusetts

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