find a NYC factory

The NYC garment district is a wealth of talent from expert pattern makers or button-holers to full-service factories, all of them craftspeople servicing big designer houses like Theory, Public School and Opening Ceremony. We believe that access to information benefits everyone, so we visited hundreds of factories and producers in NYC to compile a free list of producers and their skills.

find a fabric supplier

New York City supplies fabric to everyone from big name brands to  independent designers. From store fronts to studios tucked away on top floors in the garment district, each supplier has unique fabrics and yardage requirements. 

From diamond studded zippers to fine Japanese lace, the garment district services all the needs of designers. From store front retail sales to bulk orders of customizable trim, there is no need to settle for ordinary.

essential designer resources

Here is our list of personal fave go-to resources for all the needs of designers, from fashion lawyers to the best secret spot to find a buttonholer, these are some experts that we have encountered over time.