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Ribbon Connections is a manufacturer and wholesaler of high quality Japanese ribbons and trims. We are the world’s leading producer of silk ribbons, and since 1994 Ribbon Connections has worked hard to introduce our quality products to the US. 

Ribbon Connections’ parent company, the Takaramoto Corporation, opened its doors in Kyoto, Japan in 1947. At first we only produced silk, but since then we have introduced other varieties of ribbon and trim, applying the same high standards used to manufacture our 100% silk ribbons. Over the past 60 years, the Takaramoto Corporation has experienced tremendous growth and now has factories in Japan and China, as well as 6 sales offices in major metropolitan areas of Asia and North America. The Takaramoto Corporation’s locations worldwide are collectively known as the United Ribbons Group. From our office in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ribbon Connections has made a commitment to bring the North American market the benefit of years of Japanese silk expertise. 

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