Taking your ideas from concept to finished product sometimes requires the whole garment district. Here are some of our favourite tried and tested places to get all the minutiae of being a designer checked off your list.


Fashion law

Lawyers specializing in fashion. From the DIY advisor or independent lawyer to the large and glitzy firm.


From patterns to lookbooks to unique designs digitally printed on fabric -- everyone needs a printer sometimes. Here are our top printers, local and online.


Button holes

For professional buttonholes on your samples, join the queue of designers at Jonathon Embroidery. Go to the back of the store and they will do anything from a single buttonhole to as many as you wish. From approx $2/buttonhole | 256 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018 -- (212) 398-3538 --- open 9a-6p Mon-Fri

The real designers' secret is JK Buttonhole -- tucked away in a back room in a fourth floor factory. The best prices and service.


Hardware & Trim

From applying studs to buying buttons and tape, this is an evolving list of trimming resources for designers.