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Our story begins with our founder and father Osman Yılmaz in late 60’s with his entrepreneurship in fur and domestic food products trade in Tatvan province of Eastern Turkey. It was continued by his sons with sheep hides trade in 80’s. Later they stepped into manufacturing of sheep skins in Izmir province of Western Turkey in early 90’s with establishment of Osmanoğulları Leather Tannery.

By mid 90’s Osmanoğulları became one of the fastest growing company in Turkey and moved to its new factory in Izmir Leather Manufacturing Zone. Since then, Osmanoğulları has been a successful corporation in leather industry manufacturing high quality sheep skins for use of apparel, bags and shoes.

Believing human makes the difference in todays competitive environment, we aim at motivating our staff to produce best quality of apparel, bags and shoes leather for our customers which will play a key role in their success. For this goal, we adapt new technologies and production methods in order to be a profitable and successful corporation who can make a difference.

Inspired by our past success, we vision to be a pioneer in our industry contributing our countries economy and a workplace for our staff willing to work.


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