Word of Mouth

Occasionally we are in the news. But we have grown mostly by word of mouth — thanks to our partners, clients and students — whose values and interests drive our mission every day. So we thank everyone on this page, our partners, friends and media opportunities for the one voice that unites us all in our drive to empower the next generation of artist engineers.


Fashioning the Future With: Clare Tattersall interview with Style Engineers Worldwide


Our accelerometer jacket aka Snazzy Jacket is featured on Adafruit Wearable Wednesday blog. Click for more

Elucid Magazine

For years people have pushed the boundaries of fashion. Designers have always had a desire to pursue the future of breaking the glass ceiling in fashion. Our style and choices make fashion so powerful, it speaks volumes, yet people still question if fashion can make the world a better place. Read more…

Fashion Mannuscript

Is fashion design modern? That is the question that prompted fashion-tech startup ThunderLily to create real change in the fashion industry. By infusing traditional fashion design lessons with cutting edge technology, coding and engineering they are empowering girls and equipping them to be the next generation of leaders and influencers in the fashion industry. Read more…

Mommy poppins

ThunderLily Fashion Tech offers summer camps where young fashionistas and aspiring engineers fuse creativity with innovation as they explore the exciting world of wearable technology.

Students learn the actual techniques that are needed to be fashion designers and then use their creativity to solve real world dilemmas