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EFA boasts the most advanced elastomeric warp knitting operation in the Americas, and produces advanced, innovative products for the intimate apparel, sports, and medical industries. Some of the capabilities we bring to market include: 

  • warp knit constructions:Tricots, Raschels, Powernets, Marquisettes, Ribs, Meshes, Techsheens, Lockstitches, Bengalines, Satins, Novelties, etc. 
  • circular knit constructions:Single Knits, Double Knits, Spacer Technology, Ribs, Mini- Jacquards, Yarn Dyed Stripes, Plaited Fabrics, Novelties, Fleece, etc. 
  • raw materials (filament and spun yarns):Nylon, Polyester, Tactel, Ultra Touch, Silky Touch, Meryl, Lycra, Lycra Soft, Micromattique, Coolmax, Novva, Supplex, Modal, Skinlife, Textured Yarns, etc.


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