Diana Fabrics

Retail and wholesale fabrics


silk, Lace, beaded lace

Diana Fabrics is a store built by Diana herself and her family in 1999. Diana is a fashion-inspired girl with a love for fabrics and fashion.
She built her company from scratch with the help of a great clientele both young and old, but mostly people that appreciated the customer service.
At Diana Fabrics we speak five languages, we have customers from all over the world and together we are growing.
Enjoy shopping at Diana Fabrics!  We stock designer fabrics, we specialize in handed beaded lace, Swiss lace, french lace, silks. We work with designers to create their own fabrics and we print our own unique designs.

We also offer ideation and custom design for formal wear.

250 WEST 39TH ST

NEW YORK, NY 10018



Hours 9.30a -6.30p Mon -Sat


email: contact@dianafabrics.com