choosing the right fashion-tech for your brand

We believe in sustainability, efficiency, reducing waste and creating a healthier fashion industry. Our experience is the evolving technology that can help us achieve this.

At ThunderLily, we are entrenched in the garment industry, we understand the legacy practices of factories and suppliers and we know the challenges of integrating tech solutions into your brand. We know that you are focused on running your business, you are creative and you are very busy. Your talent is producing the next great design, our experience is how you can do this efficiently and ethically utilizing the technology that works best for your brand.

What to expect from us

Our team is constantly monitoring and testing the evolving offering of fashion tech software from 3d measurements to design to retail AI. We work with brands to understand your needs and help you choose the right tech integrations that will help you achieve your design goals, increase efficiency and benefit both your customers and the planet.

ThunderLily will advise how to:

  • Set technology goals

  • Assess implementation needs

  • Find and approach potential platforms and tech partners

  • Plan and implement various integrations