How to make conductive fabric

Need some conductive fabric in a hurry? You can make your own to test some projects with this quick hand-made solution.


Fusible fabric

Aluminium foil

Scissors/rotary blade



Step 1: Cut strips of fusible fabric

Cut strips of fusible fabric in equally sized pairs. Place the strips on a heat-resistant surface, like a conventional ironing board. Make sure the sides with the glue are facing up.

fusible fabric

Step 2:

Place strips of aluminium foil on the glue side of one of the strips of fusible fabric.

Fusible fabric with foil

Step 3:

Place the second strip of fusible fabric on top of the foil. ***Ensure that the glue sides are both facing inwards & touching the foil. Slide an iron gently over the top of the fusible fabric, just enough for the fabric to glue together.

iron fusible fabric

Step 4: Cut

Use a metal ruler and a rotary cutter or scissors to cut out your conductive shapes.

Make conductive fabric

And ta da! You have your own hand-made conductive fabric. Just connect it with alligator clips to test.

Conductive fabric