Brooklyn Fashion Week: tech and sustainability

Photo courtesy of Global Fashion Exchange

Photo courtesy of Global Fashion Exchange

This week I was honored to be included on a panel at Brooklyn Fashion Week with Global Fashion Exchange and Ann Rosenberg from SAPNextGen, big hitters in the space of sustainability in fashion. Hosted in the beautiful offices of SAPNextGen at Hudson Yards overlooking the Hudson River, with a spectacular view of downtown and the Statue of Liberty.

Firstly a shout out to Rick Davy, the powerhouse behind bkstylefoundation and Brooklyn Fashion Week and his fun and fabulous team who pulled all the events and shows together without a hitch. And thanks to Pierre Nicholas Hurstel from Ariane who graciously and smoothly hosted the panel, asking the tough questions that the industry is facing.

Tech & Sustainablity.png

We discussed each of our experience of using tech to make fashion more sustainable (for us it is easy, we created our fashion design software to reduce the waste of resources in the fashion industry) and which are the relevant & impressive technologies that are catching our attention. I have to admit that I am a huge fan of bio-fabrication and feel that this is an area where — perhaps technology is not on the surface but — technology and science are the quiet forces behind the creative materials we are seeing, from “leather” being grown in Brooklyn by Modern Meadow to Spinnova fashioning wood scraps into material and Reprive recycling plastic bottles into new fabrics.

Personally I believe that it is bio fabrics that are answering the question to whether technology and sustainability are in partnership or at odds. I think we have to focus on the successes and let these pinnacles of innovation set the lead for how we want to move forward.

And a final thank you to the fantastic models who so elegantly wore ThunderLily Fashion Tech designs.

Accelerometer jacket
Accelerometor jacket back
View of downtown NYC