Why Girls Should Own Fashion Tech

Girls, why should you get involved with tech now? There is only one good reason…because you want to. Tech is an opportunity to apply your creativity. To apply it in multiple ways — to logic, ideas, puzzle-solving, leadership and to use your imagination to solve critical issues.

The truth is, fashion tech is in a really exciting place, it is on the cutting edge of a major transformation from within – from clothes that can be programmed and 3d designed clothes, to the geometry of design and the chemistry of dying fabrics it is a wonderous world of exploring and creating.

STEAM careers result in changes that touch everyone’s lives. So it is super important to have women in STEAM careers – adding a female perspective into shaping those changes and outcomes. If a young woman doesn’t find STEM topics interesting, I would challenge her to learn about how her interests intersect with STEAM, and explore career options that are exciting and satisfying.
If you are obsessed with fashion and you are at your happiest when you are designing or creating, then take a chance on learning some fashion tech in a girls-only environment where you can explore, tinker, sketch up your ideas and have fun while creating some exciting clothes that work.

Think of a future where you could be involved with not just design, but have your finger on the pulse of everything that is new. It’s a big world out there – explore and have fun.

Want to try it out? Contact us or visit www.thunderlily.nyc/sewable-tech for more info

Clare Tattersall