Why Choose a Pattern-Maker in NYC?

Pattern makers are specialists who create a 2-dimensional pattern that will be the blueprint for prototyping your design. While many large-scale designers and big box names have been sending their pattern making overseas, there is a trend among many designers to work locally and they have their patterns and samples made by experts in the NYC Garment District.

There are ample reasons to choose a local pattern-maker, especially for an emerging designer. Many of the factories in the garment district have the capability to create patterns, but there are a handful of people who specialize in pattern-making and they can be very helpful to new designers.

Why choose a pattern maker?

  • Pattern makers are used to working on a single item. They build into their work the time to spend with a designer interpreting your ideas and understanding your concept. Many factories are focused on producing quantity, but pattern-makers are accustomed to working one item at a time and getting it right.
  • Pattern makers are also usually sample-makers, so not only will they make the pattern for your prototype, but they will also make your first proto sample. 
  • Pattern makers can be really useful as you launch your business, they can produce very small quantities as you need them, so you are free to test your concept and build your business at your own pace.

Where to find a pattern maker?

Browse our listings of pattern makers, find out who specializes in your kind of product and then follow up with an email or call to make an appointment.