Apparel Production

pattern, sample, production


Sewn Goods Services

1st pattern, production pattern, sample, production. 

Production minimums

100 pieces/ style (in house)
300+ pieces (China)


Women's, Mens, Children's: Daywear -- jackets, skirts, pants, dresses


New designers welcome both on fashion calendar or all year around. Designers can benefit from the advice and expertise of owner Teddy Sadaka who is happy to break down pricing for new designers so they can better understand the business and how to cost their garments. With reasonable minimums, Apparel Production runs a tight ship with quality work, happy employees and good conditions -- among their clients are Theory, Rag & Bone and the American Jacket Co.


  • Designer
  • High end



270 West 39th St, 17th fl
NEW YORK, NY 10018


Call or email first to make an appointment
(212) 278-8362 ext 18
Contact person: Teddy