photo: @urakphotography | dress: minika ko | model: amanda sommers


Fashion: innovation and education.


Innovation | thunderLily software

Our proprietary software is used by students to learn how to design and make samples in the digital space. Taking designers from sketch to launch in 24 hours at 0 cost -- that's our goal. Our 2d-to-3d platform where you design, test and sell in the virtual space is currently in its Alpha stage, join our mailing list as we develop our software.

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Education | fashion tech design

By pushing the boundaries of creativity our future creators will learn the critical thinking, collaboration & communication skills they need to combine design and technology to make the world a better place. From designing wearables and adaptable clothing to designing garments that enable us to improve our health, fashion is central to how we interact with the world.


fashion tech consulting

Innovation | consulting

We are geeks and designers. We are skilled in the design process and understand the exciting options that are becoming available in the fashion tech arena. We consult with you to sort through the options and find out which, if any, will work for your brand.

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Education | make your own wearables

Design, engineering, construction and sustainability. We are a leading voice in fashion tech education. Follow our blog or check out our lessons on instructables to create your own wearable tech, soft circuits and fabrication techniques.

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